Digital transaction services

We create smart digital services and great looking solutions that enable new business models and increase sales.

We're the ones who pave the way

HiQ is a leading provider of sophisticated and intelligent online services. We create elegant and convenient solutions that:

  • Open up new opportunities for the service business

  • Provide a more personalized service and experience on digital channels

  • Create proactive and smart sales opportunities

  • Increase the efficiency of processes

Today, online services provide a platform for digital experiences. It provides a stunning communications online service, modern E-commerce, mobile applications, superior online experience and new experiences in in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

New value

In the beginning of a project we at HiQ focus on business angle. We combine best ideas with the client to create optimal service for them. We identify requirements of the business and use them to shape measurable targets for the service.

We build mutual vision of the most important functions of the service and prioritize our work.

We make sure that the data in our services can flexibly be used for interfaces and micro services if necessary and that it covers EU Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Experience design

Our experienced design and UX team ensures excellent user experience for clients and internal users alike in all channels from mobile to web browsers. In our design phase we also innovate new ways to serve companions and clients, bring machine intelligence to the service and make wide ranging use of the data.


Solution is created using modern and efficient web tools and micro service architecture so it also serves future needs. We favor cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service which offer flexible and reliable environment cost-effectively. For content management we can for example use agile cloud based Contentful content management service (CMS) or create the solution on EpiServer content management system. We aim for best possible practices in the industry not building supplier locks. We're also reliable support and maintenance partner for our clients.

We also use the most versatile integration platform FRENDS in our solutions.

Continuous Service

After the development phase it's important to ensure that the new service meets its planned business targets. We ensure that our client can have 100% focus on business by providing maintenance and support as SaaS cloud service. We offer our agile DevOps team to support and further develop the solution. Client can choose a model that meets wanted requirement for the solution. We offer support up to 24/7 service.

Projektivaiheen jälkeen meille on tärkeintä yhdessä varmistaa, että uudistettu palvelu saavuttaa sen liiketoiminnan tavoitteet. Ylläpidämme ja tuemme ratkaisua SaaS-pilvipalveluna siten että asiakas voi keskittyä liiketoimintaansa 100%. Tarjoamme ketterän DEVOPS-tiimin tukemaan ja jatkokehittämään ratkaisua tai tarvittaessa tukipalvelun toimistoajoista aina 24/7 tukeen asti.

We make things happen and provide measurable results for the business.


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