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Almost every adult in the Nordics has an application designed or built by HiQ on their mobile phones.

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End-to-end Mobile Solutions

The world has become mobile, and services with it. For more and more people, the mobile phone they carry with them is the default option and the main way to use digital services, whether we're talking about banking services, online shopping, customer service or social media. Mobile can no longer be thought of as something extra; it has become one of the core functions of business.

The solid, versatile experience of our experts from several industries and extensive project entities enables a wide range of different implementations depending on your needs, whether it's Android or iOS, browser-based or native application. Our offering includes services such as concepts, design, development, and modern quality assurance. Best of all, our expertise covers the entire life cycle all the way from first prototypes to testing and security updates.

We also have years of experience in integrations, which ensure the smooth operation of services for all parties. We help you to ensure that you get the full business benefit from the possibilities of mobile.

Why invest in mobile services with us?

  • The user interface design created in connection with the new service maximizes the user experience of your customers and makes sales and customer service effortless

  • Well-designed mobile services serve as the basis of other systems.

  • With new, scalable online services, you improve maintenance opportunities, reduce the cost burden and extend the life cycle

Levi Resort App
Levi Resort App

We Understand Mobile

Phones and apps travel with users everywhere they go. Apps enable humans to interact with different services independent of time and place. Mobile devices bring cameras, virtual assistants, location information to customer's help. Additionally, sensors and accessories, such as watches, enable the creation of unique solutions.

We bring the best practices and tools to the table. And all this is achieved scalable and cost-efficient from our nearshore office. Additionally, we're supported by our hundreds of colleagues around the Nordic. When useful, they complement our local offering of top-notch experts.

Support Services for your Mobile Solution

When a product or service reaches production, we make sure things keep on working. High quality is ensured with traditional and automated testing. Automation is also key to development speed with automated processes (CI, CD). On top of these, it is easy for our DevOps team to ensure uninterrupted service.

We also bring our expertise to your business' disposal. You can benefit for example from our market and technology follow-ups and webinars. Do you have a solution and provider that can do better? We also take over existing solutions and many times can quickly turn them onto a positive track. Modernization of existing apps is one of our areas of expertise.


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