Sometimes automating long and complex processes requires mastery of more than one tool. That's when hyperautomation comes to help.

This is where hyper-automation comes to the rescue. In its simplest form, hyperautomation means a combination of several automation technologies.

Hyperautomation is process automation that runs on an automation platform and exists on top of legacy systems and their interfaces. It uses machine learning to make decisions and robotics to simulate persons for those parts where traditional integration is not possible.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is ideal for automating tasks in old information systems that do not have interfaces. In most systems, however, APIs exist, enabling the use of more powerful tools such as an integration platform. In addition, many processes require manual or ML-based data entry in certain steps even after automation. In these cases, we use low-code and open-source development tools.

Hyperautomation can sometimes be a significantly better option than RPA:

  • Up to 50% savings in the usage costs of RPA licenses

  • Development is faster when juggling with the business is reduced

  • The need for maintenance is reduced to a fraction when the processes are more stable

  • Administrative savings are made when the same entity is responsible for integrations and RPA

Software development is sometimes an option to hyperautomation. However, it's not always worth investing in. The advantages of hyperautomation are, for example:

  • Up to 90% savings compared to a corresponding development project in the information system

  • One process can utilize several different systems without the need to combine systems or develop them

  • A change to a single process does not require changes to the system's user interfaces and communication to different system suppliers

  • Data management remains within the systems and does not require loads of architectural work

HiQ's Automation Done Right concept has been developed to support business and IT. With the help of the model, time-consuming workshops are saved and we connect automatic monitoring to business processes. Together with the customer, we look for the locations where intelligent automation solutions produce the most added value, and support IT to produce the best possible solutions.

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