Change management

With change management, you ensure the effective implementation of new technical tools and environments.

New ways of working - How to manage the change?

Accustomed ways of working will be revolutionized with the introduction of new Microsoft 365 services. The change can be related to the introduction of Teams for teamwork, the launch of Yammer as an open discussion channel or the renewal of intranet. On top of technical deployment, you should clarify the use of the different tools and communicate the benefits of the new tools to users.

Managing the change is most effective when its planning begins at the same time as the technical project and the plan is integrated into technical activities.

HiQ's support for change management starts with a tight planning phase, where management, communication, support actions and preparing for change resistance are planned with the customer, led by HiQ's Prosci-certified expert.

See an example of more detailed change management steps during Teams deployment. The same steps apply to the deployment of other M365 services and the comprehensive transformation of knowledge work.


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