Continuous Services

We take care of your digital investment making sure solutions function and stay up to date. We provide comprehensive maintenance services either packaged or customized.


Functioning and evolving solution enables the business to run smoothly and make life easier for users. Reliable support processes and agile reaction to continuous development needs guarantee the best results. With the experience of over a hundred maintenance and development clients, we have created solid operating models from maintenance and development.

Maintenance Customers
Maintenance and Development Specialists
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Flexible services for all stages of the life cycle

We want to make maintenance and further development as easy for our customers as possible. That's why we have packaged our services so that they provide the right model for all types of solutions and life cycle stages.

Continuous development of digital services requires skilled professionals which we offer through dedicated development teams, flexible maintenance development, or individual experts.

Support service ensures the functionality of the production and the availability of resources even after the projects.

Quality assurance is also an important part of the entire life cycle of every application. Well managed testing as part of development ensures the quality of all solutions while significant savings can be achieved through automation in the further development phase.

Service to fit your needs

The need for maintenance and further development is always adapted to the application development stage. Whether you have a mobile application, an integration, a web service or a customized application, we have the service package that suits to your needs.

Maintain & Improve

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